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The first half of 2016, the economic operation of the shipbuilding industry

Date:2016-08-11 10:07

 Downstream on the machine tool [China Business Network] first half of 2016, the global shipping market bottomed out, the low international crude oil prices rising, China's shipbuilding capacity year on year decline narrowed, new received shipbuilding orders rebounded significantly, but businesses pay shipwreck, then shipwreck, financing problem has not eased.
  The basic situation of the economy (1) of the three largest shipbuilding down a liter two indicators: the first half, national shipbuilding fell 7.4%, received new ship orders grew 44.7%. The end of June, handheld shipbuilding orders fell 13.6%, down 3.1% compared with the end of 2015(2) ship exports declined: The first half of the completion of ship exports fell 6.4%; undertake export ship orders rose 53.5%; the end of June handheld export ship orders fell 13.9%. Ship exports accounted for the country's shipbuilding capacity, new orders, holding 91.2% of orders, 88.4% and 94.7%. 2016 January to May, China's ship export value fell 24.5%. China's export products ship bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships still dominated its exports accounted for 57.4% of total exports. China's shipbuilding products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions, Asia is still the main area of the ship export, accounting for 47.2%.    (3) focus on monitoring business major economic indicators declined: three indicators of business two down a liter; industrial output fell; ship export value fell; economic efficiency of enterprises fell. Economic operation characteristics (1) active landing national policy to promote high-end ships and marine development; (2) the transformation and upgrading achieved remarkable success, high-end products continue to break; (3) vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions, and actively and steadily "to the production capacity"; (4) Potential ship companies take the initiative, do everything possible to "reduce costs"; (5) make the mention efficiency, intelligent manufacturing "fill short board"; (6) adhere to the supply-side reform and development, strengthen self-discipline ship repair industry; (7) problems : new boat market downturn, aggravated by accepting orders; the deteriorating external environment, increasing the difficulty of delivery of the ship; financing difficulties, financing your influence globally competitive shipbuilding industry; marine equipment business risk gradually.     Market Forecast 2016, global economic recovery is weak, growth of international trade is difficult to have a greater improvement. Overcapacity in the shipping market intensifies, the global maritime trade recovery is blocked, the three mainstream ship market will continue to slump, the only luxury cruise, feeder container ships, special vessels and public boat there are some structural opportunities in the short term. Full-year forecast, global new vessel volume will be approximately 40 million dwt; shipbuilding capacity of about 100 million deadweight tons; the amount of orders on hand is expected to remain at the level of 250 million dwt. Estimated annual shipbuilding capacity of about 40 million dwt of new orders declined compared with last year, but the international market share has gone up, the end orderbook dropped to about 100 million dwt. 

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