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First half of the new ship orders rebounded significantly

Date:2016-08-11 10:05

28 reporters from the China Shipbuilding Association was informed that the first half of this year, China's shipbuilding capacity year on year decline narrowed, new received shipbuilding orders rebounded significantly. But companies pay shipwreck, then boat, financing difficulties of the problem is not alleviated.

According to statistics, the national shipbuilding 17.15 million dwt completed in the first half, down 7.4%. Received new ship orders for 16.2 million dwt, up 44.7%. The end of June, handheld shipbuilding orders 119.26 million dwt, down 13.6%, down 3.1% compared with the end of 2015. According to statistics, the first half of the shipbuilding industry 94 focus on monitoring enterprises realized main business income of 139 billion yuan, down 3.5%; total profit of 2 billion yuan, down 19.5%.
It is predicted that this year the global volume of new ship will be approximately 40 million dwt; shipbuilding capacity of about 100 million deadweight tons; the amount of orders on hand is expected to remain at the level of 250 million dwt. Estimated annual shipbuilding capacity of about 40 million dwt of new orders declined compared with last year, but the international market share has gone up, the end orderbook dropped to about 100 million dwt.

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