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Shipbuilding capital bottleneck to be resolved

Date:2016-08-11 10:05

"Since last year, the ship had a brief rebound in the market, but failed to maintain long-term, will soon usher in a downturn is expected to ship in 2015 the market will remain in the doldrums." Recently, the Shanghai shipbuilding industry insiders said.
Although China's shipbuilding industry into the international market, but the product type analysis, still conventional ships, and few high-tech ship ratio. Mostly bulk carriers, crude oil tankers and other low-tech these ships by market fluctuations, weak anti-risk capability. For a long time, China's shipbuilding industry annual investment in new product development in Japan is only about 1/20 of the existence of the shipbuilding industry lack of stamina problems.
China Shipbuilding Industry Association released a report in 2014, China's shipbuilding enterprises take the initiative to adapt to the international backbone of marine technology and product development of new trends, and vigorously develop high technology content, large market potential for green ship for special ships, high-tech ships, ship product transition with remarkable results.
In fact, both the construction, orders, or mergers and acquisitions, financing shipbuilding biggest problem.
Earlier this year, the central bank, the National Development and Reform Commission, appointed by the letter, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communications, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange nine ministries jointly issued the "Guidelines on financial support for the shipbuilding industry to accelerate structural adjustment promote transformation and upgrading." . It has pointed out that the content of banking institutions for low-tech products, no sales, loss-making shipbuilding enterprises shall not grant loans, according to the law and promote its market exit. Under the premise of risk control and steadily carry out M & A loan business. Meet the requirements of high-quality companies, the loan period may be extended to seven years.

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