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Floating storage tanker deal to help push the market strength

Date:2016-08-11 10:04

While oil prices have risen, but the transaction is still floating storage continued to rise, thereby continuing to help push the tanker market strength. In the last 4-6 weeks, the market is more and more ships for floating storage, which recently acquired floating storage VLCC traded in recent weeks continued to rise makes surprise.
And in the current charter market, it has recently reported transactions related to floating storage. In fact, recently the number of vessels for floating storage tanker market is still on the rise. The report shows that the ship early this year to obtain a lease of rent, one third of the current ship for floating storage. Among them, most of the oil tanker in the Arabian Gulf or the transaction, in addition, some of the ship for floating storage lease in Singapore, West Africa and the Mediterranean region. Although why the lessee continues charter for floating storage that is difficult to speculate, but it is clear that this provides more support for the large tanker market.

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